Using tilepieces together with browser developer tools

It is possible to use tilepieces in conjunction with the browser developer tools, with the following considerations:
  • When editing html from developer tools, it will be more difficult for tilepieces to edit the nodes you have changed (see html live edit).  Additionally, the changes may conflict with the history of the document.
    However, these changes will not be saved to files (tilepieces has autosave), and may be the right approach if you are experimenting.
  • The same considerations for html modifications also apply if you make css modifications.However, it is possible to save the changes made: when you have finished your changes, select the stylesheet where you worked, set it as the current stylesheet, and you can save it with your changes.
    A confirmation popup will appear to remind you of the following:
    This action will save the stylesheet in the version parsed and compiled by the browser.This means that comments and properties not recognized by this browser will be deleted.Property values may differ.Also, if this stylesheet contains rules that have been previously edited, manipulating the document history could result in errors or unexpected changes