All the application features are grouped in a UI component called "panel".
Panels are selectable from navigation menu.

For more information about default panels, go to the relative section.

Split modality

Split modality allows to split the main frame with the a panel frame.
Split modality are:

  • Free ( no split )
  • Right
  • Left
  • Bottom
  • Top


Using the  key it is possible to release a panel.
This will create a new window in the browser with the contents of our panel, and it will also be possible to drag it to areas outside those of the main page.

This feature differs depending on the operating system.
On Windows desktop systems this operation takes place as expected, that is by opening a popup immediately visible above our window.
On MacOs systems, when in fullscreen mode, the new window takes the place of the main one. Users can always close the window using SHIFT + q.
On smartphones (iOS and ANDROID), a new tab is opened in the browser.

Adding custom panels to application

You can add custom panel in the index.html file at the root of your application. Follow building application for more info.

Blocking panels

Some panels block the functionality of windows linked to the application.
This is because the operations they perform are seen as a single flow with the events that open them.
In fact, these types of panels are not included in the "navigation menu", and can only be recalled via code.
These are: codeMirror-editor and colorpicker.