current stylesheet

Tilepieces inserts css rules into a predefined link or style tag.
This is to establish where the new rules should be inserted (if it does not exist, tilepieces will create a style tag).
Also, when a style sheet is saved, tilepieces uses the cssText property of the CssRule object.
This involves removing comments and rules not recognized by the browser (but which can be recognized by other browsers), changing some css values (for example, the color codes will all be changed to rgb / rgba), and the merging several rules into one.
This tag is associated with the attribute called data-tilepieces-current-stylesheet, and can thus be recognized when the document is loaded.
This can only happen if the stylesheet belongs to the same domain as the project (which means it must be within your tilepieces project).
You can select your stylesheet through the "Set as Current Stylesheet" action in the HTML inspector