Element selector

By clicking on the 'Element selector' icon, it will be possible to select the elements of the DOM.
This functionality follows the one present in the developer tools contained within the major browsers.
In devices connected with a mouse, by moving it, it is possible to see what is the top visible element of the stacking context.

If the selected item is an image, the user will be able to:

If the selected item is a video, the user will be able to:

At the end of the previous operations, a prompt dialog will appear asking for the name of the resource to be saved, which will be inserted into the folder specified in the 'miscellaneous' settings of the project.

The images will be referenced using the 'src' attribute inside the IMG tag, while the videos will be inserted inside a SOURCE tag with the relative type. In videos, when another resource is inserted, it will take the place relative to the type or create another one.