Panels - Package Manager

Global Components

tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent
tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent-upload

Upload a global component

By clicking on this button it will be possible to choose a zip file that contains a component.

tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent-export

Export a global component

Clicking on this button will generate a zip file containing the selected local components.

tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent-list

Global components list

This section will show all the local components in alphabetical order.

tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent-add

Add global component to project

Add this component to your project. This will be written to the designated folder. If the folder exists, it will be overwritten.

tilepieces documentation - Panels-PackageManager-GlobalComponent-delete

Delete global component

clicking on this button it will be possible to delete the component. By default, the folder will not be deleted unless the corresponding project property is changed.